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Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
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1. What is multi-storey steel structure building 

The multi-storey steel frame structure consists of beams and columns from welded H-shaped steel, hot-rolled H-shaped steel. In these frames, the beam and column system takes the gravity load such as dead and live loads. Now steel frame structure is mostly used for residential, commercial, institutional buildings all over the world.
In developed countries, a very large percentage of multi-storey buildings are built with a steel structure. Steel is not so commonly used in the construction of multi-storey frame, but it is a better material than reinforced concrete. The use of steel in multi-storey building construction results in many advantages for the builder and the user. The advantages of using a steel frame in the construction of multi-storey buildings are listed below:
• Steel, by virtue of its high strength to weight ratio, enables large spans and lightweight construction.
• Steel frames can have a variety of structural forms like braced frames and moment resistant frames suitable to meet the specific requirements.
• Steel frames are faster to erect compared with reinforced concrete frames resulting in the economy.
• The elements of the framework are usually prefabricated in the factory under effective quality control thus enabling a better product.
• Subsequent alterations or strengthening of floors are relatively easy in steel frames compared with concrete frames.
• The steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or earthquake.  

2. Specification 
No.ItemVISTA Details of steel structure building or steel frame
1MaterialMaterialcarbon structural steel
2ProduceLead timeNormally 45 days after the down payment, also according to quantity.
3QualityCertificationQuality certificate from the factory, the third party by client request.
4DimensionsLengthH beam: 4000-15000mm
5Thickness:web plate: 6-32mm
6wing plate: 6-40mm
8ColorAccording to customers
9SizeMOQ is 1000 m2, width * length * eave height,
10Main componentsBaseCement and steel foundation bolts
11MainframeH Steel Beam, Q235 Q345 steel H beam and columns, painted or galvanized, box steel, galvanized C section or steel pipe
12Secondary frame :galvanized C or Z purlin, steel bracing, tie bar, knee brace, flashing, etc.
13MaterialQ235B, Q345B or others as buyers' requests, like ASTM, BSEN, DIN, IPE, AISI, JIS, 
14PurlinC or  Z purlin: Size from C120~C320, Z100~Z20
15ColumnX-type, tree type, lattice, Cross, Box, etc.
16BoltPlain bolt and High-strength bolt
17Roof & wallPU sandwich panel, Rockwool sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet
18Canopysteel sheet, PU sandwich panel, Rockwool sandwich panel
19DoorSliding or rolling door
20WindowAluminum alloy window
21SurfaceTwo lays of rust-proof painting or Hot Dip Galvanized
22Sheet0.5mm or 0.6mm galvanized sheet
23AccessoriesSemi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, downpipe, Galvanized gutter, Trim, flashing, etc
24Finishing optionsA vast array of colors and textures available, Alkyd painting, two primary paintings, two finish painting (gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc, etc.). Or Galvanized.

3. Detailed Description

Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
(1) Unique Characteristics 

1 - High quality and durability: 
The steel building is safe and reliable, and it can withstand severe environments such as fire, strong winds, and heavy rain.

2 - Faster construction: All the structure parts are prefabricated in the factory, and then installed at the construction site. As a result, it will save up to 50% time period of construction and save costs for building owners.

3 - Minimal maintenance: The exterior of a metal building is essentially maintenance-free and long-lasting. Steel does not support mold growth, resists rust and decay better than other building materials. The bottom line is that low maintenance costs lead to low operating costs - a huge benefit over time.

4 - Economical - Reasonable cost: This building form has lightweight and short construction period, thus it can be put into operation very soon. Its comprehensive economic benefits are better than concrete structure building.

5 - Environmentally friendly: The steel structure can be recycled, and it will cause less environmental pollution when being built or removed.

6 - Wide architectural possibilities: It is applicable to many industries and non-industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture and civil usage.

7- Delicate appearance: The steel building design is with a modern sense. The wall panels are available in multiple colors and the building structure is with high flexibility.

8 - Space flexibility: Larger spans for flexible interior design.

9 - Seismic Resistance: Extensive research confirms that steel structure buildings withstand significant earthquake and wind events. Watch a test building outlast earthquakes simulated at UC San Diego.

10 - Adjustable design: Can cater to future expansions (vertical and horizontal) 

(2) Why Choose Steel Structure

Steel Was A Stand By Material For A Long Time In The Architectural Framework, But When It Is Recognized For Its Natural Beauty And Structural Integrity, The Result Can Be Inspiring. Master Architects Such As Zaha Hadid, Frank O Gehry, And Moshe Safdie Have Challenged The Idea Of Using Only Steel To Construct A Skeleton Of The Building And Create Innovative And Surprising Fluid Structures. Many Modern Architects Are Experimenting With The Aesthetic Of Steel From Rust Texture To Polishing For A High Shine Finish. 

Basically Here, The Buildings Are Made Up Of Steel Frameworks Which Support All The Loads Where Columns, Beams, And Girders Are Made Up Of Steel Sections. They Are Flexible, Which Makes Them Very Good At Resisting Dynamic (Changing) Forces Such As Wind Or Earthquake Forces.

(3) Main Components
Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse

Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse

1 - Roofing System: It Blocks Rain, Snow, And Wind. Ensure A Comfortable And Dry Working Environment In The Workshop/Warehouse. 

2 - 
Composite Floor Deck: A Two-Story Or Multi-Story Building, Which Is Poured On The Floor Slab To Serve As A Formwork. Save Time And Improve Construction Progress. 

3 - 
Hallway System: We Can Provide Various Wall Partitions Of Different Materials. 

4 - Purlin: 
Support The Roof Sheeting And The Fixed Position Of The Roof Sheeting. 

5 - Finished Metal Siding And Flashing: Roof And Wall Are Covering Of Color-Coated Corrugated Steel Sheet Or Steel Sandwich Panel, Hot Dipped With Zinc And Aluminum Compound, That Is Fixed To The Outside Of The Structural Building To Protect It Against Bad Weather Or To Make It Look More Attractive And Last For Generations. 

6 - Painted Roll - Up Doors And Filler Panels: Easy Access. According To Customer Requirements, There Are Composite Panel Doors, Electric Shutter Doors And So On. 

7 - Support Post: Supporting Building. 

8 - Load Bearing Wall Assembly With Horizontal Partitions For Shear Walls: Supporting Building.  

Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
Quality Control & Safety for Steel building

Quality is the hallmark of the products designed and manufactured by us. 
We are an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. Some of the quality practices followed by the company which has LED to continuous improvements in processes, procedures, and products are as follows: 

1) All products meet the national and international standard requirements. 

2) To ensure quality, all products are passed through stringent quality checks in all the stages of manufacturing. 

3) The source of the material is certified to ensure consistency in quality. Materials are procured from reputed suppliers and manufacturers and full traceability is maintained. 

4) Well established in-house QA Laboratory to ensure quality in different stages of manufacturing. A high-quality welding process and technology are used. Nondestructive testing on welding joints is carried out. Only branded and reputed consumables are used for manufacturing. 

5) The project quality department ensures end-to-end quality for its buildings during execution and completion. 

5. Market
1. US 3M Ltd.    26,600 
2. The three-story office building of Swift motorsco.,ltd   3,600 
3. C&C Company Production Workshop  10,000 
4. LA Company Warehouse in The Republic of South Africa  8,000 
5. Rwanda Warehouse   3,000 
6. The office building of a company in Tanzania    4,300 
7. Tanzania Integrated Gas Station    1,510 
8. Tanzania 5 storey office building    5,000 
9. Solomon Islands bauxite drying shed    10,000 
10. French Polynesia Parking Lot    3,660 
11. Venezuelan Stadium    4,200 
12. Mexican Swimming Pool    2,200 
13. Pakistan Motor Exhibition Hall    4,000 
14. Zambia Workshop    4,600 
15. Nigeria Exhibition Hall    6,000 
16. Nigeria Warehouse    4,200 
17. Jamaican Chicken Farm    5,600 
18. Philippine Multi-level Parking Lot    4,500 
19. Botswana Multi-storey Office Building    8,000 
20. Tanzania Three-story Office Building    5,520 
21. Nigeria Exhibition Hall    3,800 
22. Botswana Office Building    16,000 
23. Logistics Park    3,200 
24. Qatar Farming Factory (Chicken House)    5,000 
25. Multi-story car park    4,200 
26. Power Generation Platform    5,000 
27. KADESH Chicken Farm    1,600 
28. New Workshop in Ethiopia    5,300 
29. Light Steel Structure Workshop and Office Building    5,016 
30. Light steel Structure Warehouse    3,500 
31. Wooden Furniture Factory    5,000 
32. Uruguay Audi 4s Shop    4,587 
33. Ethiopian Factory Villa    100,000 
34. Venezuelan Villa    1,000 
35. Algeria Factory and Office    20,160

Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
6. Our Service

6.1 Pre-Sale Service 
  • Consultant Service(Answering Client's Questions)
  • Primary Design Plan(Free)
  • Assisting The Client To Choose A Suitable Construction Plan
  • Price Calculation
  • Business&Technology Discussion
6.2 Sale Service 
  • Submission Of Support Reaction Data For Foundation
  • Submission Of The Construction Drawing
  • Providing Requirements For Embedding
  • Construction Manual
  • Fabrication&Packing
  • Delivery
  • Other Requirements By Clients
6.3 Training For Assembly 
  • We Can Support You Full Training Service Of How To Construct And Assembly On-Site. 
  • Solution 1: If You Have Your Own Construction Team With Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, And Supervisors, We Can Support You 2 Professional Technician For The Necessary Assembly Training On-Site. 
  • Solution 2: If You Don't Have A Construction Team, We Recommend You Employ Local Construction Workers For Assembly, We Can Support You All The Technician Engineer And Supervisor For Training And Construction Assist. But The Relevant Charges Will Be On Your Account. 

7. FAQ

7.1 What's The Quality Assurance You Provided And How Do You Control Quality? 
Established A Procedure To Check Products At All Stages Of The Manufacturing Process - Raw Materials, In-Process Materials, Validated Or Tested Materials, Finished Goods, etc. 

7.2 Do You Offer Guiding Installation On-Site Overseas For Warehouse Building? 
Yes, We Can Provide The Service Of Installation, Supervision, And Training By Extra. We Can Send Our Professional Technical Engineer To Supervise Installation On-Site Overseas. They Have Succeeded In Many Countries, Such As Iraq, Dubai, South Africa, Algeria, Malawi, Thailand, And Ghana. 

7.3 What Is Your Main Market? 
Guided By Global Field Of Vision, Our Products Have Been Exported To Many Countries And Regions With Its Good Quality And Good Service, Such As France, UAE, South East Asia, Africa And So On. We Will Be Glad To Establish Sincere Business Cooperation With You In The Near Future. 

7.4 How To Pack The Products? 
We Use A Standard Package. If You Have Special Package Requirements, We Will Pack As Required, But The Fees Will Be Paid By Customers. 

7.5 Can You Offer Designing Service? 
Yes, We Have More Than 100 Design Engineers. We Could Design Full Solution Drawings As Per Your Requirements. They Use Software: Auto CAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Search, Tekla Structures(X steel)V12.0. etc. 

8. How to Take Care of Your Steel Structure Workshop?

There are some notes for owners of steel structure workshop to maintain their buildings:

8.1. After the installation of steel structure buildings, the owners cannot change the structure and dismantle bolts or other components. If you need to change any part of the building, you must consult the manufacturer to see whether it can be changed.

8.2. The steel structure should be painted and maintained when it has been used for about 5 years so as to ensure a good-looking appearance and excellent safety.

8.3. In the use of electrical equipment, the wire and cable should be isolated by slot line pine in order to avoid electric shock accidents.

8.4. The steel structure workshop should be cleaned on a regular basis.

8.5. Any damage to the surface of metal panels shall be repaired in time to prevent rain and sun from corroding the metal plate.

The maintenance of a structural steel design workshop has a great deal to do with the service life of the building, so the owners should pay enough attention to it.

We are a professional material handling solution provider and supplies a variety of steel structure buildings, such as steel structure warehouse, steel structure shop and steel structure shed. To know more about the steel structure workshop, contact us now and get affordable steel workshop building prices.

9. Customized design is welcome, it would be better if you could provide the following information:

9.1. Location (where will be built?) _____country, area

9.2. Size:Length*width*height _____mm*_____mm*_____mm

9.3. Wind load (max.Wind speed) _____kn/m2, _____km/h, _____m/s

9.4. Snow load (max.Snow height) _____kn/m2, _____mm

9.5. Anti-earthquake _____level

9.6. Brickwall needed or not If yes, 1.2m high or 1.5m high

9.7. Thermal insulation If yes, EPS, fiberglass wool, Rockwool, PU sandwich panels will be suggested; If not, the metal steel sheets will be ok.The cost of the latter will be much lower than that of the former.

9.8. Door quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm

9.9. Window quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm

9.10. Crane needed or not If yes, _____units, max.Lifting weight____tons;Max.Lifting height _____m

Welcome To Visit Our Factory, We Assure That Our Products Will Satisfy Your Needs With Designs, Competitive Performance Price Ratio, And Best Services. 


Qingdao Vista Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. With over 20 years of experience in steel structure design, manufacturing, marketing. Now, our business scope extends to high-quality steel structure buildings (such as warehouse, workshop, hangar, chicken house, etc. ), prefabricated buildings, prefab houses, container house, steel structural member, sandwich panels, glass curtain wall, decorative metal panels and so on.

We have professional steel structure engineering contracting the first-class qualification, with more than 50-year-limited warranty in steel building manufacturing & installation. We have professional engineers who can provide the perfect designs according to the customer's demand.

Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse
Free Drawing Prefab Workshop Garage Shed Steel Frame Prefabricated Metal Buildings Steel Structure Warehouse

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