Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Factory

The whole line including:1. Water Treatment section                  2. Milk Receiving Section                 3. Preparation Section4. Concentration Section                      5. Dry

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The whole line including:

1. Water Treatment section                  2. Milk Receiving Section                 3. Preparation Section
4. Concentration Section                      5. Drying section                              6. Packaging Section
7. CIP Cleaning Section                        8. Compressor                                9. Boiler
10. Chiller                                             11. Installation Material

1.Milk weight tank2.Milk receiving tank3.Centrifugal pump4.Milk seperator5.Vaccum degasser
6.Plate heat exchanger7.Outdoor milk tank8.Ice water tank9.Ice water machine10.Cooling tower
11. Rotor pump12.Fermentation tank13.Seed tank14.Plate pasteurizer15.Homogenizer
16.Temperature holding tank17.Centrifugal pump18.Mixing tank  

Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant

Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant


The milk fat content is standardised in a direct standardisation system. Standardised milk used for producing whole milk powder is not normally homogenized.

In the production of dried whole milk the heat treatment must be so intense that the lipases will also be inactivated. This normally involves high-temperature pasteursation to a negative peroxidase test.

Falling-film evaporators are generally used for concentration, which is carried out in two or more stages to a DS content of 45 - 55%.


Two-stage drying:

The last traces of moisture are the most difficult to remove, unless high outlet drying temperatures are used to provide a sufficient driving force. As elevated outlet drying temperatures can have a detrimental effect on powder quality, it is essential to operate at lower outlet temperatures with dairy products. If the moisture content of the resulting powder is still too high, an after-drying stage is incorporated after the spray dryer in a two-stage process as illustrated in figure .

Two-stage drying methods for producing powdered milk product combine spray drying as the first stage and fluid bed drying as the second stage. The moisture content of the powder leaving the dryer chamber is 2 - 3% higher than the final moisture content. The function of the fluid bed dryer is to remove excess moisture and finally to cool the powder down. 

The powder is packed in cans, paper bags, laminated bags or plastic bags, depending on the quality and the requirements of the consumers. 

Milk powder production requires the drying of liquid milk into a powder in which aromas, flavours and colouring as well as many important components such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals etc. are retained. Additional challenges is a uniform moisture content, particle structure and particle size distribution, solubility, dispersability and wettability.
Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant

Ultra-high temperature, or UHT milk is ultra-pasteurized milk that comes in sterilized containers

It's real milk, just like the kind you buy chilled in the dairy aisle, but its special pasteurization and packaging process gives it a shelf life of several months.

While most milk goes through a standard pasteurization process, UHT milk goes through ultra-pasteurization, which safely heats the milk to a higher-than-usual temperature. This, like regular pasteurization, kills bacteria in the milk that may be harmful or cause the milk to spoil. It's then packaged in sterilized containers, also known as aseptic packaging, which helps keep the milk fresher longer.

UHT milk can sit out unrefrigerated for about three months, and this can vary by brand. Once the container is opened, the milk should be refrigerated and has the same shelf life as other milk (seven to ten days).

Technical parameters
productionWhole milk powder
Endproduct packageTin, plastic bag,etc

Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant

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Jimei Holdings Group of China - Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production and service as one of professional manufacturer of liquid beverage food machinery, high-tech enterprises;the company was founded in 1989 and currently has become a leader in the domestic food machinery industry.
Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant
Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant

The company's main products include: automatic roof-type carton packaging machine, automatic paper brick packaging machine, automatic paper pillow type packing machine, automatic spray sterilizing unit, PET triple filling unit, UHT tubular , plate sterilization machine, aseptic liquid flexible packaging machines, etc., and the formation of fruit and vegetable drinks production line, liquid dairy production line containing carbonated beverage production line, pure water production line, milk powder production line, cold production lines, concentrated fruit juice and jam production line, canned fruit production line eight series as the main supporting parts of the production line equipment Vice scale Group production mode.
Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant
Milk Equipment Dairy Processing Line Dairy Plant


1.How long can I receive your reply after I send my inquiry?
We will reply you within 12 hours on workday.
2.Are you a manufacturer or a commercial company?
We are a manufacturer, and we have a foreign trade department, we market our own products.
3.What products can you provide?
We mainly produce beverage production machinery and equipment.
4.What are the application fields of your products?
Our products are mainly used by beverage factories or individuals who want to run a milk production plant.
5.Can you provide custom products?
Yes, custom products are our main products. We can develop and manufacture products according to customer's drawing or sample. Saving customer's time on finding corollary equipment.
6.How's your production capacity?
Our annual output is about 800,000 sets.
7.How many employees do you have?
We have over 100 employees, including several technicians and engineers.
8.How do you ensure your product quality?
We conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer's requirements.
We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FOB, CIF, CNF or others.
In batch production, we accept 30% deposit, balance against the copy of B/L.
T/T is the main payment, and L/C is acceptable as well.
10.What's your delivery method?10.What's your delivery method?
We commonly use sea transportation, using container to deliver the goods through Shanghai Port.
11.Where do you mainly export your products?
Our products are mainly exported to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Algeria, Dubai, Congo, African countries, etc.

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