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Capture dirt and debris and keep your lawn looking pristine with one of these ingenious tools.

If you yearn for the clean, manicured look of a yard that’s clear of grass clippings, leaves, and pine needles, consider a yard sweeper. These machines use long, rotating brushes—like a vacuum cleaner—to “sweep” up small yard debris, storing it in a large hopper that can be emptied later. The bristles of these brushes are specifically designed to be strong enough to direct debris into the hopper, but gentle enough to not damage your grass. Lawn sweepers are typically towed behind a yard tractor, although some push models can be manually operated.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a lawn sweeper is whether or not you should choose a tow-behind or push model. While tow-behind options require you to do the least amount of manual labor, you do need to already own a lawn tractor or ATV to pull them. They’re also typically larger than push models, and will take up significantly more room in your garage or tool shed. Push sweepers could be more convenient for those with smaller lawns, and although you have to manually push them yourself, this can actually make them more convenient to use. Without any tractors, hitches, or fuel to worry about, you just push your sweeper onto the lawn and get to work.

You should also think about how much debris you plan on sweeping up, and what you’re going to be doing with it. If you have a large property and will be emptying your load frequently, consider a model with a handle or rope that allows you to dump the hopper without getting off your tractor. This way, you simply reverse into your compost or debris pile, unload quickly, and get right back to sweeping.

We scoured several prominent lawn and garden review sites when compiling this list of lawn sweepers, and also called upon our own personal experience in the landscaping world. We also made sure to exclude any options that had frequent quality control or durability issues, which is why we were only able to find a single push model that met our standards. We also hoped to include a power sweeper, but were unable to find any models that had enough positive reviews to justify a place on our list. We did our best to include a wide range of sizes and prices, so regardless of your lawn size or budget, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

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This Agri-Fab model combines an efficient, 44-inch sweeping width with a relatively low price tag, making it our best choice overall. Our favorite feature of this sweeper is the extended hopper handle, which is long enough to reach and operate without dismounting your tractor. This way you can dump your leaf load wherever you like and continue sweeping, saving time and energy.

A universal fit hitch means you won’t need to worry about compatibility with your existing tractor or mower, and thanks to a collapsible bag and folding hitch, is convenient to store when not in use.

If you don’t have a lawn tractor, or the necessity for a large tow-behind sweeper, this Agri-Fab push sweeper could be a great fit. Weighing in at just 25 pounds, it’s light enough to maneuver and steer without much effort, and doesn’t require as much dexterity or flexibility as a rake.

Although the hopper is smaller than you’d find on a tow-behind model, it can still store up to 7 cubic feet or debris, and also completely folds away for easy storage. The 3-year warranty will have you covered if any issues arise.

If you’ve got a large yard and want to make sure you’re sweeping as efficiently as possible, consider this extra-wide 52-inch Agri-Fab model. You’ll save time by performing fewer passes with your tractor, and the six, 10-inch diameter brushes will be able to easily handle leaves, grass clippings, or even pine cones.

A convenient dumping rope also makes it easy to unload the hopper without getting off the tractor. This wide size does make it bulkier than most, so make sure you won’t have trouble storing it in your garage or shed.

The 11-inch-diameter brushes of this Ohio Steel sweeper are in a spiral—as opposed to straight—orientation, which puts less stress on the sweeper's internal components, resulting in a longer lifespan with fewer maintenance issues.

It also features a wide, 9-inch chute that reduces the chances of frustrating and time-consuming clogs, and is great for use on damp clippings that have a tendency to clump together. You can also choose between a standard drawbar or an offset model that allows you to mow and sweep at the same time.

This 42-inch sweeper also features a fully-functional dethatcher, making it a great choice for those who would prefer not to have two separate machines for those tasks. Two rows of 12 metal tines remove thatch from your lawn, which is then conveniently captured and stored by the sweeping brushes. A handy windscreen on the top of the hamper also prevents leaves and debris from flying back out in windy conditions.

This is the most expensive option on our list, but if you were planning on purchasing a dethatcher separately, it’s a great value.

If you're not comfortable shelling out $400, $500, or $600 for a tow-behind lawn sweeper, this budget-friendly Yard Commander model could be just what you’re looking for. Despite the relatively low price, it still offers 42 inches of sweeping width, and has a universal hitch that should fit almost any ATV or lawn tractor.

At 72.7 pounds, this is also one of the lighter options on our list, making it more convenient to store and maneuver when not being towed. A pull-string dumping mechanism makes it easy to dump, as well.

The 8.5:1 gear ratio of this sweeper means that the for every time the wheel completes a single rotation, the brushes turn 8.5 times. This is much higher than the 5:1 or 5.6:1 ratio typically found on yard sweepers, and makes it well-suited for picking up smaller debris, like grass clippings.

We’re also big fans of the 11.5 x 2–inch tires, which allow for more flexibility when adjusting the brush height. The heavy-duty steel construction should stand up well to regular wear and tear, and a rope-release mechanism makes for convenient dumping.