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Keep your yard neater and your tools protected.

If you’ve found that between your cars, power tools, and outdoor accessories, your garage is already packed to the brim, it may be time to invest in a shed to keep that clutter contained. Wood sheds are among the more attractive storage options on the market, giving you a place to safely house your tools and other outdoor essentials. A good wood shed can also last for years, and many are easy to build, too.

Wooden sheds are a great choice because they’re both attractive and durable. However, there are some things to consider before buying one for your outdoor space.

Wood sheds come in a variety of sizes; some are best suited for smaller tools, such as those used for gardening, while others are large enough to house bikes, lawn mowers, and outdoor furniture. Depending on how much stuff you need to store, you’ll want to consider the shed's finished dimensions and ensure to take accurate measurements of the outdoor space you're considering setting it up in.

Wood sheds can weigh upwards of a ton, making them relatively difficult to transport, especially if you're working alone. That not only means you may need help setting up your shed, but you should make sure you know where you want it to live before you start assembling it, as moving it may be a tricky proposition.

Wood sheds are often more expensive than their plastic or composite counterparts to begin with. Wood prices have also gone up in recent years, so expect to shell out a pretty penny for a quality model.

To find the best wood sheds on the market, we looked at popular models available via Amazon, Lowes, and Wayfair that have average user ratings of four stars or higher. We've also included a wide range of design styles, as well as sheds at various price points.

Earning five-star reviews from more than 100 actual buyers, this medium-sized shed comes packed with tons of value. Its 100-square-foot interior provides enough space for lawn mowers, rakes, ladders, and other large outdoor items.

It also has an overhead storage area perfect for stashing seasonal items you want to get out of the way. The heavy-duty wood this shed is made of can withstand harsh weather while ensuring everything inside stays dry and clean.

While this shed does need to be assembled, the wood comes pre-cut, and reviewers say it's easy to put together.

This incredibly sleek and stylish wood shed could be mistaken for a high-end playhouse or casita—it's that attractive. Its light green exterior and white trim would look great in any outdoor space, and can be dressed up by adding plants to the built-in flower boxes on the outside. It has over 100 square feet of storage space on the inside and the built-in shelves can hold smaller items.

It also has double front doors that make it easy to bring larger items inside, and there's a smaller side door for additional access.

One of the more affordable options on our list, this shed is great for storing smaller garden and yard tools. Its two shutter doors open to reveal two shelves and plenty of floor space. The shelves can hold leaf blowers, tool kits, an array of garden tools, and even some pool accessories.

The floor space is large enough for folded up ladders or step stools, outdoor furniture cushions, or even foldable tables, and at just about three feet wide, it hardly takes up any space in your backyard.

The solid fir that this shed is made of is durable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions, and the tilted asphalt roof further ensures that water won't collect on top.

Packed with over 200 square feet of space, this shed provides more than enough storage room for all your outdoor tools or appliances. Its five-foot-wide door opening makes it easy to fit lawn mowers, furniture, and outdoor gear inside, and the seven-foot-high interior walls mean there's plenty of room for taller or stacked items, too. It also has a loft space for extra storage.

The heavy-duty wood it’s made of can withstand rain, snow, wind, and heat without warping, and its substantial weight means it's plenty sturdy, too.

This wood shed might be on the smaller side, but it’s still got enough room to store those items you don't want cluttering up your yard. It offers 108 cubic feet of storage for rakes, ladders, and brooms, and can fit lawn mowers or patio chairs that need places to live, too. This shed also has two built-in shelves perfect for storing tool boxes or other smaller items.

The natural wood this shed is made from is water-resistant and its 330-pound weight means it can withstand strong wind gusts, too.

This multifunctional wooden shed and workstation is perfect for gardeners who need extra space for all their tools. It has a built-in interior shelf that can accommodate tools and watering cans, while the interior floor space is sizable enough to store hoses, larger pots, and bags of soil.

The workstation on the top of this model also provides an ideal space for repotting plants or storing freshly picked fruits and veggies until you're ready to bring them inside.

In addition to having an attractive exterior finished with a flower box and a single hinged door, this shed has enough room inside for tools and machines up to about seven feet tall (with some headroom to spare).

While it's not enormous, this shed is perfect for packing away lawn mowers, rakes, and folding ladders that would otherwise clutter up your garage.

This shed's locker-like design is slim, yet spacious enough for a variety of gardening tools, foldable ladders, rakes, and more. Inside the shed are several shelves, hooks, and even a foldable table-like surface. There’s a second storage compartment at the very top of this shed, so if you have an overflow of tools, some can be stashed away there.

This shed is finished with a waterproof coating and roof to ensure that nothing inside will get damaged on rainy or snowy days.