Investigation into allegations of neglect at Monroe Co. animal shelter launched

2022-04-07 07:17:50 By : Ms. Elaine Chen

Monroe — An investigation has been launched into allegations of animal neglect at the county's animal shelter, officials said.

Monroe County Sheriff's Troy Goodnough said Tuesday he has assigned a captain with his office to "complete a full audit and assessment" of the shelter's operations. The shelter is a division of the sheriff's office.

"(I) would like to assure the citizens of Monroe County the quality of care and safety of the pets under our care at the animal shelter is of the utmost importance," he said in a statement. "The guiding standards for shelter operations (are) to ensure the (animals) are healthy, happy and safe."

He said the move is in response to allegations of animal neglect at the facility made on social media.

In one social media post, it's alleged two dogs being held at the shelter in connection with a court case were being neglected. It also said one of the dogs had lost a dramatic amount of weight.

Goodnough defended the shelter and its staff.

"During their time with us, both pets were evaluated at our local veterinarian clinic; during the examination one of the dogs was diagnosed with cancer," the sheriff said. "The weight loss referenced in the social media post is a result of the cancer."

He also said "unfortunately, neither the animal shelter nor the Sheriff’s Office has any control of the speed in which the case is adjudicated."

Goodnough said a second media post blasted the shelter for a dog that was injured after biting the metal bars of its kennel. 

He said the animal was immediately taken to a veterinarian to be treated. An exam revealed the dog was not injured after biting the bars. The vet determined the dog was missing a tooth when it arrived at the shelter, which was documented during intake.