Where To Find All Training Manuals In The Last Of Us Part 1

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The Last Of Us Part 1's training manuals can help Joel and Ellie survive the apocalypse, so make sure you find all of them.

Training Manuals are special booklets containing training guides in The Last of Us Part 1, which allow you to craft and upgrade particular attributes, improving Joel's ability and skills for adventure and combat.

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In total, there are 12 Training Manuals in The Last of Us Part 1. And all are very helpful and necessary, especially if you play on a high difficulty level such as Survivor or Grounded. Here is every training manual locations in The Last of Us Part 1, so you can easily locate them.

The scene where Bill leads you to an abandoned tavern is where you will find the first training manual. After the cut scene ends inside the safehouse in Bill's Town, walk straight down to the counter of the pub.

Before you reach where Bill is standing, you will see a booklet on the countertop. It is the Sharpening training manual titled "Improved Durability of Blades: Sharpening," move towards it and pick it up.

The Splinting training manual is available immediately after you escape the first ambush in Pittsburgh's Alone and Forsaken level.

After you escape the ambush, you will find yourself in a room populated by dead bodies on tables and the floor. From there, walk straight up to the upper floor, make a right turn and enter the room you find which Ellie is already inside.

You will find a bed on the left side of the ground in the room. Move closer to the edge of the bed and pick up the training manual on it titled "Improved First Aid Measures in the Field: Splinting".

The Reinforcement training manual is locked in a safe at the hotel lobby in Pittsburgh. You need to get a passcode to access it.

To do that, after Joel and Ellie arrive at the hotel in Pittsburgh, you will find yourself in a demolished and flooded lobby. Find a ladder near a scaffolding on the left side of the area.

Place the ladder on the side of the wall where there is a space between two green construction shade cloths covering the scaffolding. Climb up the ladder, and walk right. You will find a staircase that has a part completely chopped off.

You have to lean by the wall and leap slowly on the remaining part of the staircase to the other side of the building. Next, walk to where a bunch of luggage is abandoned. You will locate a paper, which has the code, inside an open luggage.

Next, return to the safe to unlock it and get the training manual. Go behind the reception desk where you find dead computers and enter the open room near it. You'll find a safe on the right side of the room.

Unlock the safe with the code you found earlier and take the training manual titled "Improved Durability for Blades: Reinforcement".

After you and Ellie both escape from the basement in the hotel at Pittsburgh, go through the path that leads upstairs. Turn right, go straight down, and pass two restrooms and a coat rack on the right side.

You will find two chairs kept on desks and some on the ground. At the edge of the desk, you will find the training manual titled "Improved Durability of Bladed Tools".

After you have briefly met Henry with Sam and avoided the armored car with a turret in Pittsburgh, wait for the first cutscene that shows next to the end.

After its conclusion, come out of the bedroom you find yourself, and go down into the kitchen. You will find a booklet on the kitchen countertop. That's the Motolov training manual, and it is titled "Improved Radius of Incendiary Bombs: Construction"

The Molotov training manual is inside the sewer's survivor camp in the Suburbs chapter.

When you reach the survivor camp, after a noise trap is triggered, walk down and jump over the table that serves as a blockage on the way.

Move to the shelf where Ellie is standing. Inside the shelf, you will find the "Bomb: Containment Training Manual."

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After you exit the sewer in Suburbs, follow the twisting route down to the neighborhood town. The route leads to an abandoned ice cream truck. When you find an ice cream truck, turn left, and you will see a stairway that leads to into brick-made building.

Enter the building and go upstairs. Turn to the right, and you find a rope, hanging down, attached to an attic hatch. Draw the rope to open the attic hatch.

This will cause the attic's ladder to crash. Don't fret, you need to move a bit forward and boost up Ellie into the attic hatch to get the Melee training manual.

You'll have a brief guided tour of Tommy's Dam after arriving at the location. When the tour ends, make your way into the building and turn left. After a few steps, you will find another left turn that leads to a room where tools are kept.

Inside the room, you will find a steel shelf slid to the ground. On the steel shelf, you will find the Chemistry training manual.

When you arrive at The University, locate a courtyard square with a statue in the center.

Near the courtyard, find where there is a blue trashcan beside a short step. Walk over the steps and turn left.

Keep moving until you reach where the branches of a tree hang down. Near the tree's branches, you will find a tall building and move close to the building. You will find an open window that leads to a staircase inside the building, jump into it.

Move up the staircase, and you will find a big window, covered with leaves, that leads outside. Jump through it, and turn left. You will quickly find another open window and jump inside. Inside it, move toward a desk with a desktop computer on it. You will find the Sterilization training manual near the desktop on the desk.

Where you smash a metal trashcan at a gate in The University, climb into a window that leads into the Science Building at The University.

Now, walk down the hallway, pass room 251 (main atrium) and locate room 205 (lecture room), which is far down the hallway. Enter the room, and you will find the Molotov training manual by your right on a table with a black cover.

The end of the Cabin Resorts chapter is the second time you will control Joel in Lakeside Resorts. When you reach here, you need to navigate from the gas station you find yourself and go down the street that is heavily weathered with snow.

Try to locate and enter the building that has a "Motel" written sign on its head and a truck (not a jeep) at its front.

Inside the motel, go straight down and turn to the door on the right. Inside is a toilet with an open window.

Jump out through the open window, and you will discover a wooden shed with some piece of wood at its front. Open the shed, and enter. You will find the Shaping training manual on a wooden box.

When you reach the underground tunnel at Bus Depot, crouch and move to the other side of the stagnant pond in the tunnel.

As you move in the tunnel, you will see different trucks and cars. Look for the truck that has "RNB Express" boldly written on its side.

After you found the truck, go around the back and climb up. On top of it, you will find the Shrapnel training manual. Do it stealthily, to make sure not to spook bloaters and infested.

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